Mental Health Screening

Website: EAP Assist

EAP Assist has provided some screening tools to help identify symptoms of mental health disorders. These screenings are private and can help show some warning signs of some mental health disorders.

The Check-In App

Website: Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue has developed an app designed for young people and to take the fear out of starting a conversation with a friend who is struggling, including things to consider and how you can support your friend.

Mental Health Podcasts

Podcasts are great for if you are on the go! The Black Dog Institute has some free podcasts with expert insights and inspirational stories from people who have been challenged with mental health disorders.

Head to Health

Website: Head to Health

In collaboration with the Department of Health, Head to Health can help you find the right mental health resources for your needs. You can search for specific conditions, or talk to a virtual assistant if you are feeling a bit lost.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Website: The Awake Network

The Awake Network provides some helpful resources around meditation and mindfulness for times of social distancing. This includes access to free virtual yoga classes, guided practices and live-streams.


Website: Headspace

Headspace is a free app that teaches meditation that you can download onto your phone or other device. There are hundreds of hours of content and meditation sessions to suit your lifestyle and mood. 

At-Home Lifestyle

Website: ThriveGlobal

ThriveGlobal gives some insights into staying healthy while at home, including information about creating smart habits at home and work-life integration.