Managing Mental Health during COVID-19

Website: Coursera

Offered by the University of Toronto, this course gives a better understanding of the anxiety reaction related to COVID-19, as well as how to manage and turn off the anxiety response for, at least, short periods.

Science Matters – COVID-19

Website: Coursera

This educational course offered by Imperial College London will provide you the theory and analyses of COVID-19 and its spread, while also helping you interpret new information using core principles or public health, social sciences and more.

Mechanical Ventilation for COVID-19

Website: EdX

This course provided by Harvard University will help you understand the basic concepts of mechanical ventilation and patient care. 

Data Science & AI for COVID-19

Website: CS472

This course investigates COVID-19 models using tools from data science and machine learning, with projects including data visualisation and improved models and predictions. The site also contains useful data and resources from around the world.